6 Things You Can Do Today To Sleep Better

Being sleep deprived isn't much fun.

Here are some things to help you sleep better

1. Relaxing is the key to a good night’s sleep

Wind down when you are in bed. Darken the sleeping area and muffle down any unwanted noises in the room.

Learning breathing techniques could go a long way to helping you fall asleep faster and have a better night's sleep.

Also, make a comfortable bed. Your mattress and pillow are crucial to how well you sleep. Invest in new ones if you don’t link your current ones.

Never rely on alcohol as a sleep aid because it makes your sleep less restful.

And finally, ban any electronics for 1-2 hours before going to bed.

2. Watch what & when you eat

Try not to eat 3-4 hours before going to bed at night.

For dinner, consider eating foods rich in Tryptophan. Tryptophan will improve the quality of your sleep. Such foods are bananas, turkey, milk & dairy products, almonds, cabbage, oats, etc.

3. Sometimes it’s hard, even for the best sleepers…

Consider taking some herbal medicine when it’s really hard to fall asleep. Try not to make it a daily habit though. Chamomile, valerian, and melatonin are great herbal sleep remedies.

4. Take control of stress

High-stress levels result in low sleep quality. Low sleep quality results in even higher stress levels. It’s a never-ending loop. And something has to be done about it.

Relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, guided imagery, time management skills, and daily physical activity are just some of the things that could help you reduce stress in your life.

5. Consider power napping during the day

Consider having 1-3 “power” naps during the day to reset your body. It won’t only increase your energy, but it will also boost your creativity and productivity.

Try not to nap after 5 pm because it will hurt your sleeping schedule and routines, thus resulting in getting less sleep.

6. Start your day with getting better sleep in mind

The morning is an integral part of how well you sleep during the night.

Consider moving your alarm clock further away from your bed so you won’t be able to use the snooze button. Also, consider sticking to a consistent wake-up time.

You'll find that once these become habits, your days will become much more nutritious and productive which will lead to weight loss success & better night’s sleep.