How Nordic Walking Can Help You Lose Weight

If your thing is not the gym and you prefer open spaces, the most affordable option, both from an economic point of view and to minimize injuries, is walking.

But Nordic Walking is a "special flavor" of walking that burns nearly twice the calories than normal walking. 40 minutes of Nordic walking is enough to lose up to 400 calories.

If you've seen people walking with "hiking poles" around your local park, no they are not practicing to climb the Everest, and no, they're not using it as a walking cane. Instead, they're walking the smarter way.

Three Reasons Nordic Walking Can Help You Lose Weight:

Easily Incorporated Into Routine.

You can easily Nordic-walk your way to work instead of taking your car or other transportation if your place of work is located at a reasonable distance from your home.

Additionally, there are also adjustable and portable Nordic walking poles that you can take with you anywhere in your bag.

Fat Burning Zone.

Another reason that Nordic walking can help you lose weight is that it puts your body into something unique called a Fat-Burning Zone. The “unique characteristic” of Nordic walking means that you lose weight faster and more effectively than if you simply run.

The problem with running to lose weight — which Nordic walking corrects — is that runners often run at a pace where their heart rate is so accelerated that their bodies end up not burning fat for fuel, but sugar for fuel instead.

Through the fat-burning zone that is a direct result of Nordic walking, you get to burn 40 percent more fat than you would if you ran.

Much More Calories Burned.

Nordic walking is so effective in helping you lose weight because using the hiking poles forces you to use more muscles. This, in turn, helps you burn more calories than just ordinary walking.

The beauty of Nordic walking is that, even though you are exercising a lot more, you will not feel it's any harder than normal walking. This is because the poles actually aid in propelling you forward. That way, you still feel comfortable and not out of breath.

The additional benefit to Nordic walking is that, for all its extra intensity, you will not get joint pain or sore knees afterward. That is because the extra exercise is coming from your arms, and there's no extra impact on your legs.