The Best 14 Day at Home Workout Plan


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When the sudden quarantine scenario is over, and the health situation is under control, two types of people will come out:

  1. Those who "exercised" by walking too much to the fridge
  2. And those who understood that "a better you" starts at home


Are you of the kind who will "Netflix and bloat" your way through the lockdown...

Or will you come back out healthier, leaner, and stronger than before?

Option two, you said?

... boy, do we have something for you!


A FREE world-class program that you can do in 20 mins or less, even if you have no previous experience and no equipment.
Created by our Personal Trainers and Professional Nutritionists just for you!

What's Inside?


  • Keep a water bottle and a clean towel at hand every day, and set your extra weight ON FIRE 🔥
  • Each day you'll have a crunching routine with 9 exercises and its indicated repetitions. It should take you up to 20 mins a day to stay on track, and SEE the results you want.


  • Even if you've never done a squat, or an ab crunch, or a jumping jack, we'll show you the right techniques to do them correctly.
  • That way you'll be able to do them effectively, and not hurt yourself in the process.


  • You'll want to print this one! Pin it to your fridge, and keep yourself in check. NO EXCUSES. 


  • Honestly, you should download your guide even for the recipes alone.
  • Forget the boring dieting meals that are as appetizing as wet bread.
  • These are nutritious AND delicious ideas for each meal of the day.


  • You'll want to print this one too. Regardless if you follow our recommended meals or not, take note of what you're eating in the meal planner.
  • That way, you'll be able to see clearly what you're putting into your body and be conscious of your eating habits.

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