How do I add multiple users to the app?

Add a New Member Profile

  1. Tap on the Weight card from your home page
  2. Next to ‘Summary’ above your Body Measurements card, you’ll see your name. Select it.
  3. Select Manage Profiles > Add Profile
  4. Create a new profile (First Name, Gender, App Mode, Date of Birth, Height, etc)
  5. The new member should appear in the list of profiles.

Weigh In with Member Profile

  1. In the MyHealth app, tap on the Weight card from the home page
  2. Select the correct name in the dropdown section of the Summary
  3. Select the correct Member Profile
  4. Step on your scale

Create a New Log In for a User - Distinct User & Account

  1. Have the new user download the MyHealth app
  2. Select Sign up
  3. Create an Account

Note - only one device can be connected to an app at one time. Please disconnect or quit any other open FitTrack apps when you weigh in.

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