Why is my Beebo scale is only giving me my body weight measurement?

Check your Bluetooth connection

  • You may have lost your Bluetooth connection.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is on.
  • A Bluetooth connection is necessary to record data.

If having issues, try the following

  • Open your FitTrack MyHealth App
  • Select Profile Connected Devices Tap on Beebo Device Forget Device
  • On your Scale, remove batteries and put them back in to reset scale (scale should flash a few circles then show 0.0 for weight)
  • Force close the FitTrack MyHealth App
  • Go to Bluetooth settings on phone and turn it off for 5 seconds and turn it back on
  • Re-open the FitTrack MyHealth App
  • Select Profile Connected Devices Search for Devices Select Beebo Scale Connect Successful Connection
  • Go to the homepage and step on the scale
  • The scale will display your weight
  • The scale will display flashing zeroes on scale while it analyzes your body composition
  • The app will also show the following states:
  • Gathering your weight
  • Taking your body measurements
  • Success
  • Then navigate them automatically to the Body Measurements page so they don't have to tap the BM card

Connection Issues:

If that did not work, try these other steps:

  1. Check if the plastic film/cover is still covering the scale's front.
  2. This must be removed to avoid interference with the scale's readings.
  3. Clean the surface of the scale and underneath your feet with a damp cloth or towel.
  4. Check your profile and age settings in the app.
  5. Ensure your birthday, height values are correct.
    • The app will only track body weight (and not body metrics) if under 18 years old
    • The app will only track bodyweight if set to Pregnancy mode
  6. Make sure your feet have direct contact with the surface of the scale.
    • Please do not wear socks while weighing yourself
    • Ensure you don’t have unnecessary weight and clothing attached during the measurement
  7. Don’t step off the scale too soon. The weighing process is not complete until the progress bar on the display screen flashes three times.

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